• Granberia

    So let's start the story ...

    I'm not the only one who miss them right ? I'm sure about that . Heavenly knights are probably best characters of first game , especially Tamamo and Granberia . Not having them at all in Monster Girl Quest : Paradox made me think about some stuff . So here we go :

    -"We're so strong to party you in early game" - Okay this one is probably okay , It's kinda unfair to have a 100 + level party monster at the very start ( Iliasburg - Granberia for example ) . That would be unbalanced right ?

    -Appearance of Lilith Sisters - Honestly I think ( but please no ) that Lilith Sisters are replacement for Heavenly Knights . That's so bad idea for me , but It might be true . 

    So combining those things , you can say " Yes Heavenly …

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