First of all no I'm not talking about the air we are breathing.

I'm talking about AIR one of KEY's visual novels (Kanon,Clannad, or Little Busters! ring any bells people?).

Before I lose anyone's attention or waste their time with where I am going to head with this. Does anyone have any copy of it and if so can they please look if it has a nscript (.dat if you can see your file extensions) file? I have the 2005 "Standard Edition" (the ero version of 05) but looking through the files its obvious it was done on a different engine (which is the RealLive engine [version to be exact...] )

Now then as to why I'm looking if anyone has any AIR game that is using an nscript file is because while I was looking at the reference page for the onscripter (and all its other variations) Instead of you know actually doing else like working on my re-patch mod, looking for work, or ANYTHING more productive than looking at reference commands...

I found this command called blt which blits images and as seen here on the 1st sentence of the explanation of the command brought me to this question. For those that don't want to bother clicking the link the first sentence is:

Use this command if you want to blit images instantaneously on screen (as in AIR's opening engine-driven cutscene, for instance).

I mean sure sure maybe there is another visual novel by the name (or starting with the name) AIR but the chances its a different AIR entirely is something I'm not buying.... I been looking around the internet to no avail so here I am hoping if anyone by any chance has the visual novel, with an nscript file instead of well what I have lol.

Now I'm not saying for you to give me a link to pirate the game because for 1) its against wikia rules and well 2 ) I already got one version of it lol. But if someone does I need to speak with them lol. I might be able to borrow some commands from that version of the game (at the very least understand some code by looking at how exactly it works )  and merge it with MGQ's engine (but that would mean looking at both AIR's code and looking for the .dll files) but I am getting ahead of myself XD

So yeah... long story short. Does anyone have a version of the visual novel AIR that is running on the ONscripter engine (you know, has a nscript file)?

EDIT: I know my chances are small. Considering how many versions there are not to mention how many people here in the wikia would even have 1 said version but the chances someone has a version whose engine is running on ONscripter or NScripter are well marginally tiny at best lol.

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