I really have to stop trying for all achevements in this game....

I have been stuck on getting hit by this one requestable move. I have played the fight with Timy Lamia over 100 times. I have thought of everything. I can't get hit by that one move.

It's a bound move, so you have to be hit by her binding move, "Tiny Wrap", first. According to the wiki page, "Death by Pumping" is an insta-kill for when your at low health, along with "Death by Tightening". The first time you are bound at the begining of the fight, you are hit with unnammed moves (Looks the same as "Reverse Rape" ) untill you are killed with "Death by Tightening". "Reverse Rape"  seems to trigger "Death by Tightening" allways. So I assumed that the only way to get hit by "Death by Pumping" was to not take the move while bound and hope she uses the alt OHKO. But she instead uses "Tiny Tailjob" and "Tiny Tightening" untill my death, with no final blow.

If anyone has any idea what I'm doing wrong, please halp. Thanks guys.

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