• Galileo007

    Death by Pumping

    August 5, 2015 by Galileo007

    I really have to stop trying for all achevements in this game....

    I have been stuck on getting hit by this one requestable move. I have played the fight with Timy Lamia over 100 times. I have thought of everything. I can't get hit by that one move.

    It's a bound move, so you have to be hit by her binding move, "Tiny Wrap", first. According to the wiki page, "Death by Pumping" is an insta-kill for when your at low health, along with "Death by Tightening". The first time you are bound at the begining of the fight, you are hit with unnammed moves (Looks the same as "Reverse Rape" ) untill you are killed with "Death by Tightening". "Reverse Rape"  seems to trigger "Death by Tightening" allways. So I assumed that the only way to get hit by "Death by Pum…

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  • Galileo007

    I'm back.

    July 14, 2015 by Galileo007

    DERP. I have been offline for so long that if anypony cared about this account, they forgot about it.

    I have had a thought, and I want this to be a thing. Time-completion of MGQ. What if we made an online competition for it? I have already set some presonal records for blowing through the game, I want to see how I compare to other players. No idea how this will be pulled off, but it seems like a fun idea.

    Also, I have a bit of an issue. The ??? right after Alice (3) at the end of the seccond game, I can't get it. I have been told it's the Dopelganger easter egg at the bottom of the extras screen, I have beated it though, and still no monster there.  My game is a version compiled from all 3 chapters. I'm open to editing the save file to get i…

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  • Galileo007

    MGQ art oddity

    August 29, 2014 by Galileo007

    So, while I was messing around with the MGQ art, I started to change the backgrounds and noticed something. This image from the blizzard on the way to Yamatai.

    But then I changed it to negitive:

    Sooooooo. Who else thinks the artist who did it just made a normal pic, and inverted it? Now, I'm not pointing fingers for lazyness, if someone made an unusible BG and made it negitive. Good for them. Only one thing contradicts this, the icicles on the trees turned into what looks like moss, but just doesn't look right.


    P.S: I will be posting the cool things I made by turing images negitive soon, next post.

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  • Galileo007

    Fan Art Countdown

    August 13, 2014 by Galileo007

    Hello random people who looked at this blog post! I did alot of Google Images searches for art from this game untill I learned how to open a .nsa file. In the process I found some online fan art that was so cool, I just had to say something about it. These are my top 10


    New look for Gnome, nice background. And you found something for her lower legs that matches her seen clothes.

    Unkonwn artist.


    Amazing work, but it seems to prissy to be the Tamamo we konw. This one took artistic points, but is only 9 because I don't like it. Good 3D, texture, and nice socks.

    By tscbr.


    Finaly, someone does something different with Alma Elma. New tail, wings, horns. Like the shadow, and it was done in …

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