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  • Forevergent777

    Now many of you are wondering what I'm going to do with my AU fanfic.  What direction will I take?  How will I re-portray these characters?  Firstly, you'll have to keep the following in mind if you want to be able to read the fanfic:

    - This will be more episodic and will focus less on the fetish.  Granted, Luka will have sex with other Monsters besides Alice, but they will have a reason behind them.
    - The humans and Monsters will have their own advantages and disadvantages so that they're on equal footing.  I want to give both sides a fighting chance so that there's a reason the war isn't finished (seriously, with the powers the Monster Girls have and the humans didn't in the game, how did they not finish the war right then and there?).
    - S…
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  • Forevergent777

    Hello, this is Forevergent777 here.  Recently, I have posted a comment about writing an AU fanfic.  Here's what the comment entailed:

    Looking back at this series, there are lots of issues that are never correctly addressed and/or resolved.  Then again, this is an H-game, so of course it focuses more on fetishes than the story.

    I'm still in the planning stage of my fic, but here's the basic premise and a few description of the main characters:

    Plot: Luka (not shota) is on a quest to help bring humans and monsters closer and stop their war against one another, as the monsters are always attacking humans and the humans are retaliating.  The humans, however, are on an equal footing with the monsters.  While the monsters have strong magic and phys…

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