Alma Elma: "Don't Sweat It"

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With: Alma Elma

Luka finds himself alone in the castle, after Alice and Tamamo head out to run an errand. A certain Succubus Queen sees this as a perfect chance to 'catch up' with her beloved Luka-boy. And she knows how to dress to impress. Contains high-impact sexual violence.


  • Brand new custom artwork - all-new sprites and CGs
  • Alma wearing something different
  • More features listed on page 94


  • You must have a copy of MGQ running the ONScripter port.
  • Don't know what that is? It's what the NG+ Repatch uses.
  • So you can run this side story in a copy of MGQ running the NG+ repatch too.


Don't Sweat It

Don't Sweat It: "SFW" Edition (a.k.a. In case someone wants to upload it to Youtube for whatever illogical reason)



'Story'/'Coding' by: Fodder

Artwork by: jiffic