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    Unfortunately, it seems that the "Side Stories" page doesn't want to be edited due to a certain filehosting website setting off the spam filter - so I can't post this there. I won't upload someone else's scenario elsewhere without their permission to facilitate editing, in any case.

    With: Alma Elma

    Luka finds himself alone in the castle, after Alice and Tamamo head out to run an errand. A certain Succubus Queen sees this as a perfect chance to 'catch up' with her beloved Luka-boy. And she knows how to dress to impress. Contains high-impact sexual violence.

    • Brand new custom artwork - all-new sprites and CGs
    • Alma wearing something different
    • More features listed on page 94

    • You must have a copy of MGQ running the ONScripter port.
    • Don't know what that is…

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    What makes a "Custom" Side Story?

    If we're playing the semantics game, then it's any Side Story. Unless someone's been going around copying and pasting segments from MGQ verbatim and releasing them as a Side Story, then all the ones currently out there have custom elements in it.

    By elements, I don't just mean artwork (such as sprites or CGs) or battles... the script itself, be it the dialogue or story, are custom.

    As someone who has written/cobbled together a few Scenarios/Side Stories, I have a feeling that some people who play/read them often find themselves thinking "Well if there's no brand new CGs/Artwork/Battles included, then what's the point of playing this?"

    Well, my answer to that imaginary question is "Hopefully you'll find some enjoyme…

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