EDIT: I re-wrote because I think my first attempt wasn't very clear in explaining the problem and my frustration wasn't making it any easier to read.

To start, I don't think we need Previous and Next links on Paradox Infoboxes. The reason is Paradox has non-linear encounters unlike the original game. The original trilogy was almost completely linear so knowing which monster came next was actually significant and worth recording. In Paradox, you can encounter monsters in almost any order and you can skip way more monsters than the original trilogy let you. The only time order actually matters in Paradox is in the Game Library when viewing Monsters and Characters but that too is quite arbitrary.

If we suppose that Previous and Next is important to include, here is the problem with implementing them similiar to the old infobox. The biggest issue is I don't know what I'm doing. You cannot just copy and paste the old code because wikia updated the site network's code and it's incompatible. The easiest way to implement them into the infobox is add two new rows, Previous and Next. However, I still don't know how to hyperlink whatever text the user inputs into those fields. I would guess that you would input the html address of the page you want and maybe instead of the address it would appear with the name of the page already hyperlinked but I don't actually know. I'll test that out later.

On a related note, making columns in infoboxes is possible but it is rather tedious to code and the result is quite ugly and hard to read. I'm going to try and pretty it up as best as I can but for now I defaulted all sections of my infoboxes to closed instead of open to mitigate their length somewhat.

EDIT 2: Said fuck it and added Previous and Next to Enemy Infobox. Will do more later but something came up and I'll be gone for an hour at least. When inputting values into Previous and Next, you'll need put a pair of parantheses like these [[ ]] around the text to hyperlink it. Putting these [[ ]] around Slime Girl/Paradox gives us Slime Girl/Paradox for example.

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