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  • ExNoc

    Darkness approaches...

    June 25, 2014 by ExNoc

    He entered the dark cave that he found one week ago...! 

    First he just observed it, but then he entered it with four of his friends. 

    The strange feeling that they got grew as they stood in a temple-like area! 

    The darkness around them was left behind, but the feeling grew further as they moved deeper inside. 

    As they ran through the hallway they noticed something standing in their path! 

    They took a closer look...but then it disappeared! 

    They wondered what it could be...but they didn't think anymore about it! 

    The five got deeper and deeper into the temple-like building! 

    Finally they reached a gigantic closed door...! 

    In front of it stood a man in a black cloak, wielding a gigantic cleaver! 

    As he got close to him he smiled...and disappeared! 


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