This is a message to anyone who has pirated MGQ 1-3.

Do you like MGQ?

Do you want MGQ to continue? ( Or similar products of same nature)

Then I suggest you go support the producers and buy a copy of the game. By supporting the producers they will continually make quality games.

Piraters seemed to have swarmed MGQ, and in doing so drastically reduced the potential profit for the producers. In most cases pirating mainstream games has no effect on the producers because they are already making millions of dollars, but the producers of MGQ are relatively small and every missed sale due to pirating really puts a dent in thier financial quota. 

And if they can't afford to make another game because of sales loss, then it would surely be the end of MGQ.

In the end the game is only worth about $27 USD next to nothing for over 300+ pics.                                                         (Imagine the cost of commisioning those pictures. $70+ Pic+Rights......... You do the math)

TLDNR: If you pirated the game go and support the company,, it's only a small price to pay for a quality game, if not don't come complaining to the fourms when a seqel is not made.

Imagine what this game COULD of looked like if it had DOUBLE or even TRIPLE the funding.

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