aka DeJon

  • I live in Hampton,Virginia
  • I was born on January 11
  • I am Male
  • DJexe

    Hello fellow members of the Monster Girl Quest wikia!!!!  It's DJexe here and I have a couple things I would to say you all. I noticed recently that it has been a little more than a year since I found and joined the Monster Girl Quest Community. I have to say that I enjoyed interacting with the many members here from helping answwring certain questions, commenting on pages and side stories to sharing who your favorite monsters girls are. The members that really gave me a great year here are: FurRiffic, Viper121, Shadowblade177, OldSlashFriend, and Ginrikuzuma. You guys are like my MGQ family and I don't feel ashamed in saying that.

    The second thing I wanted to was my heartfelt welcome to all the new members of this wiki. It feels like my fa…

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  • DJexe

    Intoduction and Interests

    June 28, 2012 by DJexe

    Hello everyone, My name is DeJon and I would like to Talk a little about myself as well as try to find some intereting things about the other members here. First off, I live in hampton Virginia and have been through a majority of the United States. My hobbies include playing video games, reading manga and sleeping. I usually spend most of my time surfing the net reading light and visual novels that pique my curiousity.

    Now that I've told a little about myself, I would like to get into the Interest part of my blog. My question for you all is ...... If you could choose any monster in the Monster Girl Quest game, who would you marry? And I'm looking for being in an actual relationship with said monster so no rape, it has to be consensual. You …

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