No, this isn't a complaint about Wikia's photo policy. This isn't even a particular well thought out piece. Call it the byproduct of grinding gears, the shower of sparks hopefully igniting change. One of the most annoying about this game doesn't have anything to do with the game. It's Japanese law: those goddamn pixels. It's not primarily that I want to see the nudie pics (that is a reason...). Its that nothing angers me than for a an artist to compromise themselves, esp. if by law.

Please don't give me the whole "difference in culture" thing, or (even worse) defend the practice. The former is bullshit, as I am sure many in Japan would agree with me-the artist included. The latter would make you either a hypocrite or a Puritan-and the difference is academic at best. Nor am I moved by appeals to think of the children, women, animals, etc. Nothing should stand in the way of an artist, their work, and the audience's enjoyment of the work.

If the idiotic rant of an obscure American plays a miniscule part in an anti-censorship movement in the Land of the Rising Sun, then I can feel as if I have done some good.

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