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Paint.NET silhouette plugin

CitizenA February 11, 2013 User blog:CitizenA
I have made a small Paint.NET plugin that automaticly creates the black on white silhouette needed for MGQ cg's. No need to move anything manually, simply double your canvas width, select your background color and run the effect, and presto, your image should be ready for MGQ. Hopefully it can save a bit of time on the cg making. Please let me know if there are any bugs that need fixing, and I'll do my best to correct them ASAP.

Installation instructions and such are in the readme.

I have also made a more general-use silhouette plugin that makes a silhouette with a color that you choose. Simply select your background color as your primary color and the secondary color as the color you want and run the effect. Can be used to easily make generic character outlines. Thanks to OldSlashFriend for the idea.

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