Hello, let's cut to the chase. I'm frighteningly close to finishing the new MGQ engine. The goal is to port ALL of moster girl quest to this better and more flexible engine, including the mod (side stories) engine. Before that happens, I need to beta test the engine on all of you. Judging from my download statistics on my mod WOTG, I know that there is a pool of around 700 people out there (most of you are lurkers). I will test the beta engine, make improvements based on feed back, etc., using my mod War of The Goddesses as the guinea pig for all of this. Once I've created a thouroughly tested and robust engine, I will begin porting MGQ Chapters 1 & 2 and the rest of the side story engine. All the while, making the game cross platform, being able to run on WIndows, Linux & OS X.

It's is my vision and my hope that I can create a platform for people to be able to tell their stories in a much more easier & accessable way. Also, re-playing MGQ on a shinny new engine isn't bad either.

As for my mod, War of the Goddesse, based on feedback, I plan to continue both the new and the old stories. Both universes (and Lukas) will be connected in one giant clusterfuck of an epic space opera. The old story occurs in universe A, the new story occurs in universe B. The old story (Fallen Luka & Forte) will continue being told in the traditional visual novel format, but the new story will continue with it's episodic format. All of this will be released using my, soon to be, new engine. Planned release date for the new engine, WOTG (Universe B) Episode 2 & the continuation of WOTG (Universe A) is two Saturdays from now.

Let's hope I can deliver. This is fun side hobby.

Screenshot of newer build:

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