Okay, so some of you reading some of my comments on my WOTG page have seen me post about the possibility of porting my mod to a better visual novel engine. Well I got to thinking and I thought to myself, if I can do it for my mod, what's stopping me from porting ALL of monster girl quest's 2 chapters to this better engine.

Here's the plan:

I will port all of the monster girl quest to this new engine and replicate the experience as precisely as possible to the original engine, plus some enhancement. I will then implement a system for people to make their own MOD stories on it. I will then create an editor to simplify the creation of mod stories. But my first goal is to port MGQ. Using this engine, it is possible to port MGQ to Mac & Linux along with the mod story engine.

Do you guys want monster girl quest to go cross-platform?

(I'm crazy and skilled enough to pull it off too!)

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