UPDATE 2: I'm close to finishing the party system.

UPDATE: CRAP, I forgot to dissable the costume code. If you right click, the game will crash, but the demo is still playable. I'll upload a fixed version later when I have time. Sorry. But please still test it out. just don't right click. *facepalm*

Hello, I've been slaving away on this new monster girl quest engine. I am still far away from finishing everything, but it's time for the first round of beta testing. The goal of this first beta test is to just make sure the game runs on all of your computers (Windows, Mac, Linux). Please note that this demo is VERY rushed, and I disabled a lot of unstable code & functionality. Once you download the demo, please post a comment on this blog telling me what operating system you ran it on. I'm very interested in feedback from people on linux and Mac. Also, note the skill selection interface code is incomplete so you have to manually close the tab windows if you switch to a another sub menu (sorry, too is a rushed demo after all).

MGQ Engine Demo: (WINDOWS, MAC & Linux)

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't judge the game engine on this demo, it's still being worked on.

......a glimpse of the future guys.

Confirmed to run on:

XP Pro (SP3)


Windows 7

Linux Mint

Mac OS X (Not sure if it runs on all versions, but tested on 10.8 Mountain Lion)

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