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  • C0var1ant

    So I've been thinking about the need for a forum about programming, making side stories, making full patches, custom script editors, custom side story editors that people are working, etc...all relating to Monster Girl Quest. The wiki here is a great resource, but it's a little too cumbersome to use as a place for active discussion; such discussion also spams the wiki which is not desirable. The forums could be used to post tutorials, explanations about how various aspects of the game engine works, how to make side stories, etc... However, I'm not sure how much demand there is for such a forum; maybe broaden the scope of the forum to the whole game and make programming a sub category – I don't know. So I'm posting to the wiki here for feed…

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  • C0var1ant

    BETA Testing (PHASE I)

    January 5, 2013 by C0var1ant

    It's time for some real beta testing. Some of you out there mentioned to me that you would be willing to help me in any way possible. Well, now is the time to eat your words. I need YOUR help to do more extensive testing on the engine. The engine is nearing completion, I'd say it's 70% done. But be warned, being a USEFUL beta tester takes ACTUAL effort. Your going to have to put up with constant patching of the game folder, adding/removing media assets, testing EVERY side story I make for certain flaws, downloading GIGANTIC files, etc... The benefits of putting up with this, is that you get to be the first to try out the new engine and give feedback, which may end up being part of the final engine (but only if I deem you an earnest beta te…

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  • C0var1ant

    UPDATE 2: I'm close to finishing the party system.

    ......a glimpse of the future guys.

    XP Pro (SP3)


    Windows 7

    Linux Mint

    Mac OS X (Not sure if it runs on all versions, but tested on 10.8 Mountain Lion)

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  • C0var1ant

    Master Plan

    December 20, 2012 by C0var1ant

    Hello, let's cut to the chase. I'm frighteningly close to finishing the new MGQ engine. The goal is to port ALL of moster girl quest to this better and more flexible engine, including the mod (side stories) engine. Before that happens, I need to beta test the engine on all of you. Judging from my download statistics on my mod WOTG, I know that there is a pool of around 700 people out there (most of you are lurkers). I will test the beta engine, make improvements based on feed back, etc., using my mod War of The Goddesses as the guinea pig for all of this. Once I've created a thouroughly tested and robust engine, I will begin porting MGQ Chapters 1 & 2 and the rest of the side story engine. All the while, making the game cross platform, bei…

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  • C0var1ant

    MGQ New Engine (Progress)

    December 15, 2012 by C0var1ant

    As some of you know, I've been busy writing a new engine for monster girl quest, which should end up being MUCH EASIER and more flexible to write mod stories on. I've already converted the 3000+ CG artwork from BMPs to PNGs with alpha channels for use with the new engine. I'm currently working on writing the battle engine and I've already made good progress. My Mod, War of the Goddesses, will be based on this new engine soon. Work on this project might slow down releases of War of the Goddesses episodes, though.

    A screenshot of the current build is down below:

    I'll be looking for beta testers soon on linux and mac.

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