A matured 19 year old dark-skinned boy was looking around in the forest and sees this:beautiful strange girl with wings and tail)

???:who is she?

(the young dark-skinned boy walks up behind her)

Succubus:i wonder who semen i want to take i'm so hungry.

(the young dark-skinned boy taps on her shoulder)

???:um...excuse me miss but who are you?

(she turns around and sees him)

Succubus:oh a handsome young black boy i'm going to enjoy this.

(she walks up to him)

Succubus:you can call me sara what is yours you sexy black devil stud.

???:the names ryoga masaki.

Sara(lustful voice):so ryoga will you have some fun with me.

Ryoga:why would i say no

(ryoga stips off his clothes showing his well toned musles and his erect sword)

Sara(succubus):oh my you so big.

(sara vagina becomes wet and lewd)

Ryoga:you can go first.

(sara pushes ryoga down and puts his sword inside of her and starts moving her hips)

Sara(succubus):yessss soooooo biiiiggggggg.

Ryoga:wow you insides are so amazing miss sara!

(ryoga sucks on sara's breast)

Sara(succubus):(moans lewdly)

Ryoga:(begins to thrust his hips)

Sara(succubus):(moans even more lewldly and move her hips even faster)


Sara(succubus):(tighten her vagina)

Ryoga:i'm cummmmiiiinnnngggggg!!!!!!

(ryoga releases violent thick waves of semen inside of sara)

Sara(succubus):we aren't done yet.

(sara deep kisses ryoga and move her hips wildly)

Ryoga:(deep kisses sara and moves his hips even more faster)

Sara(succubus):(moans even more lewdly)


(as the both of them releases there semen on each other ryoga's demonic inucbus aura shows)

Ryoga:give me more sara.

Sara:so you are different then lets make a child then

Ryoga:ok then

(then both continued to have sex then they had a child)

(my fourth one by me the Blackharemprince)

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