Ok. For the some people who might not be awear yet, but I'm doing small reviews in the comments of the monster girl's pages. This isn't something that should be taken Too seriously for this is just a small project. This is just something that I would like to do and it makes me feel like one of the people on Youtube.

My goal is to make a review for every monster girl from chapters 1-2 before 3 comes out. At times that I might forget that I'm doing it but I will try my best to get them all done.

My reviews will forcus monster girl's:

  • Battle- "Is fighting her enjoyable?" "Is it immersive or will it annoy the shit out of you?"
  • And their H-scenes- "Is this hot?" "Is this worth making Luka loose for?" "Does it makes you feel you want to have sex with her and makes want to select [skip]?"

In cases where you'll face a monster more then once in the story (obvious examples are Alice and Granberia), I'll add something like "Battle 1".

I know everyone has an opinien so somethings I might so write might conflict with others. But it's what I think which I would like to make a comment about. What else would they be called comments about? And hey, feel free to reply to my reviews I know someone is reading them.


I'm also a fan for the slimes. So If you detect favoritism when I'm reviewing a slime, I will not stop you

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