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    AUTHOR’S NOTES: The following blog posts will contain some spoilers on the Monster Girl Quest visual novel. Read at your own risk.

    Alice Fateburn, the Sixteenth Monster Lord, who brought down Goddess Ilias and ultimately accomplishing her goal of peaceful coexistence between humans and monsters.

    Alice XVI grabs hold of a Chimera monster and rips its head off and adding the body to the mountain of Chimera corpses around her.


    Druella , the Fourth Princess of the Demon Realm, whose power alone brought the second most powerful anti-monster state in the MGE world.

    Druella summons demonic energy tentacles to restrain a squad of heroes charging at her and said tentacles begin to sexually violate the heroes.





    Alice XVI


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  • ArmInAss

    Scylla Sanguinem Potator

    December 31, 2014 by ArmInAss

    Scylla Sanguinem Potator

    A recently-discovered breed of octopus-like monsters who recently surfaced on all oceans of the world, the Scylla Sanguinem Potator are ancient monsters, belonging to a different evolutionary tree of monsters.

    The are very voracious monsters, relishing the taste of blood after their tentacles manage to engulf a prey (whether human, monster or non-sentient animal; they’re not picky), break down their body and drink all of their nutrients. As monsters, they also relish the taste of human semen. Their method of feeding on men is engulfing them with their mouthed tentacles, but as any monster, the sensation of being engulfed causes no pain. Husbands to these creatures have described their interiors as having villi-like pro…

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    Modern-day MGQ

    November 4, 2014 by ArmInAss

    If the MGQ universe will be set in modern times, these are my speculations what life their characters will take into…

    Note that this is my interpretation of their modernized characters, not the storyline itself, so you may find some pieces of their character bio not corresponding to their canonical versions.

    So…eh…I’m a bit shy about this, but let’s roll on…


    Luka = a late-teenage boy who has been used to live in the countryside until he had to leave, following the death of his parents and their farm being mortgaged. To live on, he had to move into the city and get a job as a cook in a restaurant managed by Alice. Coming from the …

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