• AngelKnight1994

    Servant of Ilias

    January 6, 2014 by AngelKnight1994

    Right outside of the Monster Lord's castle laid a horrific looking blade. It seemed to possess the faces, and wings of a hundred different angels. It laid, stuck to the ground, even as the palace itself seemed to grow weaker. Something was occuring inside of the palace. 

    Inside the Palace walls, blood stains were evident, all over the walls, and the corpses of many slain monsters laid beside many monsters which were nearly dead. Soft moans of pain were audible if one were to stay and listen. And every few seconds one monster who was moaning would cease moaning, as their souls began their descent to whatever place awaited the souls of monsters. 

    In one of the chambers, an elder succubus laid. The young looking monster had attempted to seduce …

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