hello , I created this post to talk a bit about the concept of “rule 63 alice" (I am the author \ most upstream developer of this concept)

begin to say that the name is albert and not alan , question of it’s “al-ipheese " (in any case the name need to start with “al").

finally we ended up with these frivolities, we pass to the concepts of art about this!

  1. the first concepts that have little spines on the tip of the tail … then removed in the future.
  2. yes, have glasses (then alternating to the version without glasses)
  3. the part of the “tip of the tail" x is similar to Alice (see the pic*), but has a particular: tentacles +  cock-tentacle with small bumps (such as dildos)
  4. does not have the extremely muscular body, and the version loli (shota) is a silmile luka (in appearance), the skin is slightly darker than alice. x
  5. as alice can open his tentacles vore hole
  6. hair alternate with the long version of the short version. x

you can add ideas in the comments (is not necessary, but I really appreciate it if you do) 

for now cya.

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