"hi, i am mango!"

-general quote of mango

mango a chimera that appears in Monster Girl Quest: Demon Burst   she is a chimera created initially from lily (in Witch Hunt Village ) as suck vore, will be modified later becoming an actual chimera ( in the monster lord castle, underground lab [the same place where it was created giganto weapon]). she is one travel mate of D.J.

Gallery of concepts of art on mango


  • she basically was inspired by kirby in human version.
    • more accurately, the character design was very much inspired by two characters of two failed webcomic, the character's name is a tribute to mango from  cubewatermelon
  • is one of the few chimeras with normal intelligence.
  • is necrophage, for what she eats the corpses.
    • this fact makes the bogeyman of chrome
  • she makes a cameo in another project MGQ story (Monster Girl Quest: Servant of the Monster Lord )
    • only appears in a scene of humor

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