Teeny is Tiny Lamia and the Heavenly Bandit of Water who has agreed to join you in your journey.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Recruiting Teeny will allow you to rest in the Pocket Castle's Inn for 1G.

Basic Greeting:

Teeny: "Welcome to the Teeny Lamia Inn! I'm in training to become a wonderful hostess!"

With Rami:

Rami: "My breasts are heavy, I can't fly thought the sky..."

Teeny: "In that case give them to me."

Rami: "But that's impossible."

Teeny: "Give them to meee."

Rami: "Waaah!"

With Gob:

Gob: "Teeny, will you wash my clothes? I've been running at full speed and now they are all sticky."

Teeny: "... I am not your mother. Aww, geez it's so dirty... just where have you been running around?"

Gob: "Sorry mom!"

Teeny: "Don't call me mom!"

With Vanilla:

Teeny: "Still flat..."

Vanilla: "A perfect washboard..."

With Papi:

Papi: "I brought meat so let's have roast today! Leave the cooking to me."

Teeny: "If you keep spewing fire until you become charcoal again... Next time you will be the meat."

Papi: "Scary!"

With Mini:

Teeny: "Mini's body is so cozy... Mind if I snuggle with you while I hibernate?"

Mimi: "I am not hot... It is your body that's cold."

Teeny: "Setting my human part aside, my snake half gets cold easily. Can I coil around you, Mini?

Mimi: "I am not hot... But I don't mind if you want a hug."

Grandeur Theater

She is required in the "Tiny Bandit Game Club" scene.


Flirt Actions


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