She is briefly seen during Part 1 of Paradox.


Like Sphinx, she was one of the "Ancient Gods" - great monsters who existed and had been revered in various region in ancient times, though not actual gods.

She was known as a evil god against Quetzalcoatl. And she have very bad relationship with Quetzalcoatl. They had been engaged in a clash since ancient times, but the settlement does not seem to still attached.

After Great Monster Wars, the records and lore about her was buried away by Goddess Ilias.

Although she is a Jaguar Yoma, she convinces herself as a cat Yoma.

If get cought by Tezcatlipoca, the one will be forced to mate with her. Unexpectedly, she`s a bit kind, so it might be tied to marriage.

In Paradox, she is a part of the Black Alice faction.



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