Sun Wukong is a monster briefly seen during a cutscene in Part 1 of Paradox before appearing in person in Part 2.


Sun Wukong is a member of the Black Alice faction. Luka and the party meet her while trying to figure out who is responsible for the disappearance of all the Minotauroses. They end up fighting, but she ate too much and is defeated. In any case, it turns out she wasn't responsible and she goes off to eat some more while the party continues on to look for the real mastermind behind it all.

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  • Attack
  • Explosive Fist
  • Deva's Palm
  • Spinning Club Strike
  • Trampling Footjob
  • Strong Hand job
  • Busty Paizuri
  • Ferocious Fellatio
  • Confuse
  • Enhance Attack


Minimum is effective here, so bring a fairy if you're having trouble. She's mostly a brute-force, physical fighter so evasion or defense boosters should be helpful too. Petrification is somewhat effective too, so use that if you have it but don't worry if you don't. She's not the boss of the area, so she shouldn't be too difficult.




  • Sun Wukong (Seiten Taisei, Son Goku) is figure from Journey to the West, a much referenced classic of Chinese Literature.