Luka and his allies, as well as his enemies, may be subjected to a variety of status ailments throughout the game. Some are temporary, only lasting the battle or a few turns, while others stay until they are cured. Most can be cured by items, skills, or by resting at an inn. Different Races have different resistances to status ailments and accessories and abilities may give bonuses to resistances.

Common Status Effects

  • Poison-Lose 10% of your max HP each turn. Remains after combat. Cleansed with Antidote.
  • Blind-Minus 50% hit rate from Physical Attacks till the end of combat. Cleansed with Eye Drops.
  • Silence-Unable to cast magic till the end of combat. Cleansed with Echo Herbs.
  • Confusion-Attack Random Allies and Enemies and 10% Recovery on Attack for 3 - 5 turns. Cleansed with Restorative.
  • Sleep-No actions can be taken and 10% Recovery on Attack for 4 - 6 turns. Cleansed with Restorative.
  • Paralysis-No actions can be taken for 3 - 4 turns. Cleansed with Full Moon Grass.
  • Stun-No actions for one turn.

Rare Statuses

  • Burn-Lose 20% of your max HP each turn for 2 - 3 turns.
  • Freeze-No actions for 2 - 3 turns.
  • Shock-No actions for 2 - 3 turns.
  • Slow-Reduce to 30% of Agility, - 30% Hit Rate, and -100% physical and magic evasion for 6 - 8 turns.
  • Stop-No actions for 3 - 4 turns.
  • Mini-Halve attack, defense, and agility, for 3 - 5 turns. Cleansed with Lucky Mallet.
  • Zombie-Healing Magic damages you instead. Can heal with Bio damage or Instant Death magic, remains after combat and can only be cleansed with Holy Water.
  • Petrify-No actions can be taken and remains after combat. Cleansed with Gold Needle.
  • Digestion-Lose 5% of Max Hp per turn and causes Predation attacks to kill instantly.

Sexual Statuses

  • Slimed-Halves agility and physical and magical evasion loses 50%, and 150% damage from Pleasure attacks for 6 - 8 turns. Cleansed with a De-Lust potion.
  • Horny-200% pleasure damage taken. Cleanse with a De-Lust potion.
  • Ecstasy-No actions for 2 - 3 turns.
  • Temptation-Attack allies for 2 - 3 turns. Enemies will only target males, even if in passive party.
  • Incontinent-No actions for 3 - 5 turns.

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