ソニア   (Sonia)
Goddess Ilias/Paradox Promestein/Paradox →
Race: Human
HP (Normal): 32
Area: Iliasville
Appears in: Monster Girl Quest: Paradox Chapter 1
Artist: Xelvy

Sonya (ソニア Sonia) is one of the main characters of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She is Karen`s daughter and Luka`s childhood friend. She is quite childish, getting excited over adventures but easily frightened although she is capable of being serious when the situation calls for it.


Sonya is first met on the way to Luka's baptism. She was tired of waiting for Luka who was running late and went to find him. They proceed to Luka's baptism where she assists the head priest. Ilias appears surprising everyone present. Sonya runs off but quickly returns to tell Luka two little girls are fighting in his inn. After Luka ends the squabble and says his good byes to village elder, he meet Sonya waiting outside the chief's house. She forces her way into the party, not wanting to be left out of an adventure or risk letting Luka get hurt by going off on his own.

Before they can leave the village, Nero shows and starts talking to Luka. During the conversation, Sonya notices Nero has been staring at her and she asks why. He apologizes and asks for her name but when she introduces herself as Luka's childhood friend, he blurts out Luka doesn't have one. She gets upset causing Nero to apologize and leave.

After that weird conversation, Sonya tells Luka about how there is a Slime Girl in trouble. Luka asks whether or not that is her job to deal with which she shrugs off.

Monsterpedia Entry 

Translation Pending

As a Companion

Start Race, Jobs and Level: Human Level 2, Priest Level 2, Level 2

Pocket Castle Location: Pocket Castle 1F (South)

Favorite Gifts: Wedding Cake (210 Affection), Broiled Eel (210 Affection), Sukiyaki (210 Affection), Steak (195 Affection), Parfait (180 Affection), Crab Omelet (180 Affection), Roasted Chicken (150 Affection), Deluxe Rice Ball (130 Affection), Deluxe Sushi (130 Affection), Fried Rice(105 Affection), Inarizushi(70 Affection), Sea Bream (10 Affection), Anko (7 Affection)

Present List (10/100/500/2000): Bronze Helm/Power Wrist/Club Book/Hyper Wrist

Request List: Blowjob 1 (10 Affection)

Blowjob 2 ( 100 Affection)

Trait: Club Girl : Can always equip Clubs. Can always use Club skills and White Magic. Normal attacks with a Club and Club skills deal + 30% damage.White Magic deals +30% damage and restores 30% more HP.



Official Arts

Sprite Set


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