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Place the downloaded side-story in a seperate folder inside the mod folder of your Part 2 installation. The layout should be:

  • <MGQ P2 folder>
    • mod
      • <scenario name>
        • story.ini file and possibly other files

Then open the list.ini file in your mod folder with something like notepad and add the name of the FOLDER of the side-story (this can be different from the story name). Make a new line for each side story and type <next unused number>=<name of folder>. So if your list looks like this:
and your new side story got a folder named FourBand, your new file should look like:
Now close and save the file and start the game.
Go to Extra --> Spin-Off Stories and click you game.

The second method is to use MonAdd program, included with the original japan MGQ3.


MonAdd interface

Buttons (from left to right) are:
  1. Save.
  2. Move current string up in the list.
  3. Move current string down in the list.
  4. Select all.
  5. Unselect all.
  6. Edit mod descriptions.

You can sort the list by clicking on a column header.

So - just select mods you want to be in the list, sort the list and press "Save".

NOTE: currently you can only have 25 side-stories active at once as the pages on the bottom don't work, you can however just switch out stories without deleting the actual files by editing the list.ini file again. (P.S. already fixed in my patch - GC345)

NOTE: If you follow these steps, and you get a blank empty space on the menu where the side story you added should be, then the game is having trouble finding the story.ini file. One reason this can happen is that the story.ini file is saved in a subfolder within side story's folder. Just cut and paste the story.ini file (along with any other files that are in there with it) into the side story's main folder.

Warning: this utility will crash if there is an entry w/o the subfolder itself in list.ini (as the example - if you have deleted the mod folder but forgot to delete this mod from list.ini). To fix this - edit list.ini manually, delete all wrong entries, then - start the utility again.

Warning: The game must be integrated with all 3 Chapters otherwise some scenes may result in a crash. This is because the data of some monsters is not in each chapter and with nothing to read, the game crashes.

Warning: The nscript.dat file from Cecil’s Adventure may cause some side stories to crash the game.

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