After you've restored the four shrines, you'll find a group of four young men outside the town hall. Talk to them and they'll disperse and head out into the world to get laid. The Village Elder will quickly come outside and ask you to go find them. Not send them back to the village, just find them.

  1. Go to Happiness(harpy) Village. The first man is in the inn with a harpy.
  2. Go to the Forest of the Spirits. Head North West to find the man with an elf.
  3. Go to Port Natalia. On the east side of town, near Meia's house, you'll find the man with a mermaid.
  4. Go to Succubus Village. The quest there must be resolved first. Go to the bar and he'll be off to the right.
  5. Return to the Village Elder. He'll give you some honey that can be used to recruit Queen Ant. Quest Complete.