Seraph Eden is a character in the second part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. She is fought as a boss on the Alice route, while on the Ilias route she is an automatic recruit.


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When Luka’s party arrives at the Snow Shrine, they encounter Eden, who is maintaining the barrier on the Ilias Temple Ruins.

On the Alice route, she is angered when asked to remove the barrier and attacks the party. After being defeated, she realises that Luka is a relative of Lucifina and decides to remove the barrier.

On the Ilias route, Eden does not initially recognise Ilias but realises the truth after Ilias expresses sadness at this. Eden removes the barrier and joins the party.

Monsterpedia Entry

“The highest and only member of the Seraphim class of angels. Effectively Ilias’ second in command, she is in charge of all other angels. Completely loyal to Ilias, she will obey any command given, no matter what. Due to her extreme faith, she cannot tolerate anything negative said against Ilias.

After falling to the surface world, she proceeded to create a barrier around the Ilias Temple, which was the main source of the dimensional anomally, as she prayed to the Goddess Ilias. Maintaining a barrier which stopped the flow of time for decades has taken a serious toll on her body, and Eden’s tremendous power, also known as the Garden of Paradise itself, has been lost now.”




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