Wakame is a friendly Seaweed Girl. She can join you after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Wakame: "Seaweed sway, sway... Happy dance, happy dance..."

With Promestein:

Wakame: "Seaweed sway..."

Promestein: "It's seaweed... Surprisingly, the traits of the ancient organism still remain..."

Promestein: "...I have an idea!"

Wakame: "About how to make delicious miso soup...?"

Promestein: "No, something else."

With Shelly:

Wakame: "Stick both of us in a pot together, and we'd make a good seasoning..."

Shelly: "Are you really okay with being turned into miso soup?"

Kitsu: "Oh, can we add tofu?"

Wakame: "On second thought, let's have kitsune soup..."

With Kurage:

Wakame: "Jellyfishie, sway, sway..."

Kurage: "Seaweedie, swish, swish..."

Wakame: "Let's dance. Sway, sway, swaying..."

Kurage: "Swish, swish, swishing..."

Grandeur Theater


Gadabout Actions

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