Sara officially joins the party after completing the quest, Sabasa Problem. Although she abdicates the throne, she still serves as the ruler of Sabasa throughout the main plot.


Sara must be recruited as a Companion to progress the main plot. Once you reach Grand Noa, you cannot get past the castle guards into the castle until you have recruited Sara.

Sara's succubus form is unlocked by progressing through main quest.

World Interactions

Sara does not seem to appear in any cities.

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

"My succubus powers have been sealed for a while! But it'll be a problem if I can't learn how to control them."


Sara has multiple talk scenes as a human or as a succubus in camp. The succubus ones are usually just her making passes at Luka.

Grandeur Theater

Sara is required for the following performances:


  • Does Sara say anything when Granberia is around? Need to check that.

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