Upon arriving to SabasaLuka learns that the country is falling apart due to the new Queen’s actions.

No special abilities are required to complete this quest. Completion grants the achievement ”Tomboy princess honour restored“, adds Sara to your army of companions, allows the recruitment of Samson and grants access to the Witch Hunt Village Sidequest.

Quick Walkthrough

1) Talk to a soldier in Sabasa Pub.


2) Go to the Assassin Leader’s house.


3) Talk to Salaan in the Oasis of Blessings north-east of Sabasa.

4) Go to the Pyramid west of Sabasa.

5) Talk to Sphinx, she’ll give you blood.

6) Go talk to Sara in Sabasa Throne Room.

7) Defeat Sara.

8) Go to Luddite Village.

9) Defeat Astaroth.

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