Ratty is a friendly Rat Girl. She can join you after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Ratty: "Ah! I-I wasn't doing anything... I wasn't stealing food."

With Alice:

Ratty: " *Nibble* *Nibble*

Alice: "You! What are you doing?! Stealing food right under the monster lord's nose, you are one bold mouse!"

Ratty: "Ahh! I was caught! I'll give you some cheese. So keep it a secret, ok?

Alice: " *Nom* Delicious. ♪ "

Ratty: " *Nibble* *Nibble*

Luka: "(...Alice also has the habit of stealing food.)"

With Amara:

Ratty: "I am not strong like a wolf... I wonder if I can do anything to make me stronger?"

Amara: "Have you tried howling as loud as you possibly can?"

Ratty: "SQUEEEEK!"

Amara: "Uhh, what? ...that was terrible."

With Pumpkin:

Ratty: "It's a pumpkin... hey, is it okay if I nibble on it?"

Pumpkin: "No way...

Ratty: *nible**nible*

Pumpkin: "Stop it!"

Grandeur Theater:

She is required in the "Wild Walker" scene.



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