Queen Bee
Queen Bee Censored
Hornet Girl Alra Arum →
Level: 45
HP (Normal): 3200
Experience: 8000
Skills: Queen’s Hand, Queen’s Bust, Queen’s Mouth, Pheromone Kiss
Area: Plansect Village
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Thomas

Queen Bee is the leader of the insects within Plansect Village. Formerly coexisting with plants in the village, Queen Bee fought in self-defense when the plant leader Alra Priestess demanded war, wishing to devour the insects.

When Luka arrived at Plansect Village, he was “seduced” into joining the plants after seeing three insects attack two defenseless plants, and he was asked to assassinate Queen Bee. Not hearing out the insect’s story, Luka defeats Queen Bee, and without the queen of the insects, the plants start to further oppress and kill the insects, much to Luka’s shock as he just wanted the fighting to stop. He then sides with the leaderless insects and defeats the plants in his way to peace, ending the war once and for all. The pacifists plants and insects then show up and begin unsealing all the monsters who are willing to stop fighting to try and maintain peace.
However, even with the whole ordeal finished, a Hornet Girl mentions that Queen Bee is still sealed, as she refuses to accept peace once more.

In Chapter 3, after Goddess Ilias wages war against the humans and monsters, with Tsukuyomi leading the initial assault before being repelled by Luka, a Hornet Girl mentions that Queen Bee still refuses to accept peace. However, during the second assault, Queen Bee returns and leads the insect forces against the opposition. After the war, Queen Bee has come to fully accept coexistence and lives peacefully in the village.

Monsterpedia Entry

“Queen of the hive, she is also the leader of the insect race in Sectforest. Entrusting all other tasks to the other bees in the hive, she focuses mainly on breeding. If the hive was a single organism, she would be equivalent to the genitals.

All men captured by any of the worker or soldier bees are handed over to the Queen. If she likes him, then he becomes a tool used in her breeding. Forced to continually mate with her, the exquisite genitals held by the Queen force him to repeated ejaculations. Treated as little more than a tool to breed with, the forced mating can continue for days without rest. Like this, the Queen can be fully inseminated.

After the forced mating has finished, the man is not freed. Forcibly fed special honey produced by the bees, he is kept alive for many future breeding sessions.”


Queen’s Hand: Normal attack that damages four times. Will trigger hand bukkake on loss.

Queen’s Bust: Normal attack. Will trigger chest bukkake on loss.

Queen’s Mouth: Normal attack. Will trigger facial bukkake on loss.

Pheromone Kiss: Triggers temptation and deals damage. Will trigger belly bukkake on loss.

Battle Overview

Similar to her Hornet Girl daughters, Queen Bee is a high damage dealer, as she can attack twice per turn. Additionally, her HP is much higher, making the battle last quite long. Summon Gnome to withstand her damage and (if on Normal) bum rush her with Death Sword Chaos Star, and keep 3 SP in reserve for Meditation.

If Luka loses, Queen Bee sticks his penis into her vagina, forcing him to mate with her. Afterwards, he’ll become her breeding partner for life and mate with Queen Bee endlessly.


“Mating with the Queen, and offering up your semen so happily... Luka, your corruption prone behavior is too sickening for words. Queen Bee is similar to the Hornet Girl, only with higher attack power. She also has a pesky seduction ability. Normal attacks can be handled by Gnome, but Sylph will provide protection against the seduction attack. Now go, oh brave Luka. If you eliminate the Queen, the simple minded insects will be thrown into disorder.”


  • Queen Bee resembles a Hornet Girl much more than a Bee Girl. This is because Hornet Girls are classified as bees.

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