Queen Ant
Queen Ant
Ant Girls Maccubus →
Level: 50
HP (Normal): 5000
Experience: 30000
Skills: Queen’s Comfortable Mouth, Queen’s Soft Breasts, Queen’s Unmatched Skill, Eyes of Seduction, Queen’s Stud
Area: Grangold
Appears in: Chapter 2 & 3
Artist: Thomas

The Queen of the Ants, the Queen Ant rules over her kind. However, with the technological developments provided to them by Promestein, the Grangold Kingdom was able to detain her for many years. Hooked up to various machines, her brainwaves were used to transmit instructions upon the Ant Girls and various other monsters to force them to do work. As time passed, she became resentful of humanity for her incarceration and desired vengeance.

After Luka spends a day within Grangold, the machines suddenly stop working and the monsters start a rampage against the humans. Alice tells him to leave it alone, and let the people of Grangol reap what they have sown. Luka has the option of leaving Grangold, but can return whenever he wishes to assist the kingdom.
Fending off a Mud Golem Girl, Automata Girl, and a trio of Ant Girls, the Queen Ant broadcasts to her fellow ants to leave Luka alone and chase after the escaping men while she personally deals with the fake hero. Alice, wondering how humanity captured the Queen Ant, leads Luka down the cellular where one of the workers is fixing the machine. Alice hypnotizes her to reveal the reason behind the Queen Ant’s imprisonment. Receiving answers, Alice leaves to fetch the Grangold King.
The Queen Ant soon appears, and refuses to back down. Being imprisoned for many years, she intends to rule over Grangold. Luka tries to stop her, saying that humans will attempt to liberate their fellows from the Queen Ant's control, but she ignores him. Even after the two fight, she still refuses to stand down. Before Luka deals the final blow, Alice steps in with the Grangold King. The Queen Ant quickly recognizes her Lord, but Alice tells her it isn’t important. The Grangold King then apologizes and bargains to become the Queen Ant’s slave if she frees his people, as he previously believed that monsters were unintelligent beings that could easily be ruled over. Alice and Luka also add that humans and monsters don’t understand each other very well, and if Queen Ant completes her vengeance, the entire situation will repeat itself, only she will just become like her oppressors. After the Grangold King apologizes again and promises to make his people apologize as well, Queen Ant agrees to end her feud and the two royalties shake hands, signaling a new start of coexistence.
The citizens of Grangold begin working on the kingdom’s repairs in peace and harmony. The Queen Ant wishes Luka and “Miss Gourmet” well in their journey.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A powerful monster that is Queen of the Ant Girls, she also boasts the most powerful magic of the insect monsters. She usually orders her Ant Girls to do her bidding, and remains in one place breeding. After finding a male with high quality genes, she will continue to reproduce with him for a very long time. With her body specialized in reproducing, the Queen Ant spends three fourths of her day copulating with the man. The other fourth is used for sleeping and eating. Since breeding is a biological imperative for her, she never wants to stop.

Due to her specialization in breeding, her sexual organs are highly developed and efficient at extracting semen from her mate. In addition, she is able to become pregnant using the semen of any male creature to ensure the continuity of her line. But breeding with other creatures is used only in an emergency, as humans produce the highest quality offspring.”


Queen’s Comfortable Mouth: Multiple hit attack with three strikes. Will trigger facial bukkake on losing.

Queen’s Soft Breasts: Multiple hit attack with three strikes. Will trigger chest bukkake on losing.

Queen’s Unmatched Skill: Multiple hit attack with five strikes. Will trigger chest and facial bukkake on losing.

Eyes of Seduction: Triggers temptation status.

Queen’s Stud: Attack that leads to a one-hit KO via instant follow-up, only available if under temptation. Will trigger an internal bukkake on losing.

Battle Overview

The most powerful of the Ant Monsters, Queen Ant is a fairly hard battle to take on, the sheer amount of damage she can inflict in a single turn, plus her ability to end the battle quickly with inflicting temptation means that this is a battle that is best played conservatively; saving SP for healing and summons.

Her normal attacks themselves can be quite a problem on their own as they are all multiple hit techniques. Queen’s Comfortable Mouth will hit three times, as will Queen’s Soft Breasts while Queen’s Unmatched Skill will hit a whole five times in quick succession. With that in mind, Gnome will be needed to mitigate damage.

Sylph is also a necessity as she can use Eyes of Seduction to make Luka fall for her, making her multiple attacks even more trouble as Luka will also cause damage to himself until he snaps out of the status.

The Queen Ant is most dangerous if she manages to put Luka under temptation status for another reason: not only will the situation allow her to benefit from extra damage to Luka and deny his ability to attack back, but it will also enable her to use Queen’s Stud which is a one-hit KO attack that has Luka taking advantage of her via vaginal intercourse (instead of the usual reverse), not relenting until his HP hits zero.

If she bests Luka in battle, she will take him as a mating partner in the Queen’s Room; she humiliates the Fake Hero with her various techniques to make various species ejaculate, including mammals, fish, birds, and insects.


“Reproducing with the Ant Queen to create thousands more monsters... Just to make sure... You really aren't trying to destroy humanity, right? The Queen Ant's most dangerous move is her "Eyes of Seduction". Sylph will protect you, so be sure to use her. Outside of that, she has no status or restriction inducing skills. Gnome is not a requirement for the fight... But since her attacks are pretty damaging, she could be useful. Using Sylph and your Lightning Sword Flash is a good way to defeat her, though. Now go, oh brave Luka. Destroy this ringleader of evil and bring peace back to Grangold!”


  • Despite Luka being the active party for Queen’s Stud, which involves Luka dominating the Queen Ant with a vaginal intercourse instead of the usual reverse, the attack is nonetheless her own, seeing that Luka’s actions are always based on the abilities of the monster and their selected attack, not vice-versa.
  • If Requested, Queen’s Stud will not need Eyes of Seduction or the temptation status to activate it.
  • Queen Ant is one of the few enemies that does not have any way to bind the player. She also does not have any single-attack techniques.
  • Queen Ant is the only monster girl to talk Luka into having intercourse willingly after defeat.
  • The Queen Ant is the only monster girl stated to be able to reproduce with non-human males.

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