Consumables in Paradox consist of Support Items, Magic Stones, Class Items, Materials, and Food. Monster Milk of the named and generic variety is kept in the same section by Paradox despite functioning as a collectible rather than a consumable. Some items can be found in various locations whether it's shops, dropped by enemies, stolen from enemies, or found in the game world and are generally common enough to find easily. Virtually every item in this category can be found in random Labyrinth of Chaos chests. Items with “LoC Chest” as their location can be only found there.


All items affect only one target unless otherwise specified. The vast majority of items can be bought from shops as the game progresses with the notable exception of seeds which have a myriad of locations.

Name Effect Location
Herb +50 HP Various
High-Quality Herb +300 HP Various
Ultimate Herb +5000 HP Various

Stolen from: Honey Pot

Miracle Drug +30 MP Casino Prize (Pornof)
Elven Miracle Drug +100 MP Various

Dropped By: Nanabi

Divine Miracle Drug +500 MP Various
Boost Drink +50% SP Various
Burst Drink +100% SP Various
Elixir +100% HP/MP Various

Dropped by: Sphinx

Stolen from: Reaper

Last Elixir +100% HP/MP All Allies Dropped by: Reaper
Phoenix Tail Revive with 20% HP Various
Yggdrasil Leaf Revive with 100% HP Slug’s Tower

Mt. Saint Amos

Casino Prize (Grandeur)

Safar Desert Ruins

Stolen from: Faeries E

Antidote Grass Cure Poison Various
Eyedrops Cure Blind Various
Echo Grass Cure Silence Various
Restorative Cure Sleep/Confusion Various
Full Moon Grass Cure Paralysis Various
Lucky Mallet Cure Mini Various
Holy Water Cure Zombie Various
Gold Needle Cure Petrify Various
De-Love Potion Cure Horny/Trance/Seduction Various
Panacea Cure Status


Casino Prize (Pornof)

Harpy Wing Warp to Location Various
Magic Yarn Escape Dungeon Various
Life Nut Max HP +3 Various

Stolen from: Reaper

Mystery Nut Max MP +3 Various

Dropped by: Sphinx

Seed of Power Attack Up +2 Various

Stolen from:


Seed of Defense Defense Up +2 Various

Stolen from: Shellfish Girl

Seed of Magic Magic Up +2 Various
Seed of Spirit Willpower Up +2 Various
Seed of Agility Agility Up +2 Various

Stolen from: Little Bug

Seed of Skill Dexterity Up +2 Various

Valto ( 10 Affection )

Seed of Fortune +3000 Exp Various

Dropped by: Mimic Girl (1/8)

Angel Seed +15000 Exp Various
Archangel Seed +75000 Exp Dropped by: Morrigan, Astaroth (Chaos

Labyrinth Super Boss)

Goddess Seed +200000 Exp None in Part 1
Seed of Knowledge +50 Job Exp Various

Dropped by: Honey Pot (1/8)

Seed of Promotion +200 Job Exp Various
Genius Seed +600 Job Exp Dropped by: Sonya Mainyu (Chaos

Labyrinth Super Boss)

Seed of Race +50 Race Exp Various
Seed of Lineage +200 Race Exp Various
Seed of Ancestry +600 Race Exp Dropped by: Adramelech

(Chaos Labyrinth Super Boss)

Magic Stones

Magic Stones deal damage to all enemies at once, but they are also used as material to synthesize some weapons, so use them sparingly. They all scale off Dexterity.

Name Effect Location
Fire Stone 300% Fire Various
Red Fire Stone 600% Fire Stolen from:

Lamp Genie,

Devil Fighter,

Mirage Girl

Blazing Red Fire Stone 900% Fire
Ice Stone 300% Ice Various
Blue Ice Stone 600% Ice Dropped by:

Worm Villager,



Frigid Blue Ice Stone 900% Ice
Thunder Stone 300% Lightning Various
Yellow Thunder Stone 600% Lightning Stolen from:

Scorpion Girl,


Electric Yellow Thunder  Stone 900% Lightning Labyrinth of Chaos (Chests)
Wind Stone 300% Wind Luddite Village

Stolen from: Harpy

Green Wind Stone 600% Wind Dropped by:

Twin Fairies

Fairies A

Fairies D

Blustering Green Stone 900% Wind
Earth Stone 300% Earth Various
Orange Earth Stone 600% Earth Stolen from:

Bandersnatch Girl

Centipede Girl

Ant Lion Girl

Quaking Orange Earth Stone 900% Earth Labyrinth of Chaos (Chests)
Water Stone 300% Water Various
Blue Water Stone 600% Water Dropped by:




Vitae (10 Affection)

Torrential Blue Water Stone 900% Water Various

Dropped by:


Holy Stone 300% Holy Grandeur

Dropped by:

Sister Lamia,

Succubus Nun

White Holy Stone 600% Holy Labyrinth of Chaos (Chests)
Heavenly White Holy Stone 900% Holy Labyrinth of Chaos (Chests)
Dark Stone 300% Dark Witch Hunt Village

Stolen from:

Look Through

Black Dark Stone 600% Dark Dropped by:



Shadow Girl

Pitch Black Dark Stone 900% Dark Defeat Alice (Hades)

Labyrinth of Chaos Chests

Class Based

Class Based items are consumables only usable by a certain class.

Name Effect Location
Shuriken 300% (Att+Dex) Iliasport

Port Natalia

San Ilia

Fuma Shuriken 450% (Att+Dex) Sabasa
Crystal Shuriken 600% (Att+Dex) Saloon



750% (Att+Dex)


900% (Att+Dex)


1050% (Att+Dex)
Grimoire Page Consumed in Magic Book Spells Page Creation

Chaos Labyrinth Mermaid Merchant (100G)


Materials possess no use aside from synthesizing equipment.

Name Location
Softy Jelly

Dropped by: Slime Girl, Bunny Slime

Stolen from: Slime Girl, Bunny Slime

Slimy Mucus

Dropped by: Slug Girl, Earthworm Girl, Roper Girl

Stolen from: Slug Girl, Earthworm Girl, Roper Girl

Imp Tail

Dropped by: Imp

Stolen from: Imp

Magic Leaf Dropped by: Mandragora, Rafflesia Girl, Watermelon Girl

Stolen from: Mandragora, Rafflesia Girl, Watermelon Girl

Beast Claw

Dropped by: Dog Girl, Rat Girl, Wolf Girl

Stolen from: Dog Girl, Rat Girl, Wolf Girl

Sticky Slime

Dropped by: Leech Girl, High Slug, Slug Nun

Stolen from: Leech Girl, High Slug, Slug Nun

Stone of Chaos

Dropped by: Sully, Jaide, Shesta

Stolen from: Sully, Jaide, Shesta

Hard Needle

Dropped by: Bee Girl

Stolen from: Bee Girl

Beautiful Feather

Dropped by: Sparrow Girl, Harpy, Harpy Sisters

Stolen from: Sparrow Girl, Harpy, Harpy Sisters

Mysterious Acorn

Dropped by: Jack O Lantern, Fairy

Stolen from: Jack O Lantern, Fairy

Stone of Solidified Tears

Dropped by: Dark Elf Fencer, Dark Elf Mage, Zombie Girl

Stolen from: Dark Elf Fencer, Dark Elf Mage

Beautiful Coral

Dropped by: Mini Crab Girl, Sea Cucumber Girl, Crab Girl, Shellfish Girl

Stolen from: Mini Crab Girl, Sea Cucumber Girl, Crab Girl

Fragment of Chaos

Dropped by: Eater, Luxuru

Stolen from: Eater

Strong Hoof

Dropped by: Centaur

Stolen from: Blonde Centaur

Fluffy Tail

Dropped by: Kitsune, Kamuro, Nanabi

Stolen from: Kitsune, Kamuro

Spider Silk

Dropped by: Spider Girl, Tarantula Girl, Large Spider

Stolen from: Spider Girl, Tarantula Girl, Large Spider

Sturdy Shell

Dropped by: Shellfish Girl

Stolen from: Shellfish Girl

Slimy Jelly

Dropped by: Slime Bess, Honeypot, Vitae

Stolen from: Slime Bess, Honeypot

Lamia Tail

Dropped by: Lamia, Sister Lamia

Stolen from: Lamia, Sister Lamia

Shady Tentacles

Dropped by: Jellyfish Girl, Sea Anemone Girl, Suck Vore

Stolen from: Jellyfish Girl, Sea Anemone Girl

Valuable Parchment

Dropped by: Page 17, Page 257, Page 65537

Stolen from: Page 17, Page 257

Succubus Tail

Dropped by: Morrigan, Succubus Nun, Chrome, Naccubus

Stolen from:  Succubus Nun, Naccubus

Beast Claw

Dropped by: Anteater Girl, Grizzly Bear Girl

Stolen from: Anteater Girl, Grizzly Bear Girl

Delicate Gear

Dropped by: XX-7 , Canceroid, Brynhildr, Little Bug

Stolen from: XX-7, Canceroid

Cell Culture

Dropped by: Little Bug

Stolen from: Little Bug

Ghost Hair

Dropped by: Ghost, Cursed Doll. Shadow Girl

Stolen from: Ghost, Cursed Doll. Shadow Girl

Zombie Powder

Dropped by: Zombie Swordsman, Zombie Girl

Stolen from: Zombie Swordsman, Zombie Girl

Jewel of Solidified Tears

Dropped by: Elf

Stolen from: Elf

Fairy Acorn

Dropped by: Brownies, Twin Fairies, Fairy group

Stolen from: Brownies, Twin Fairies, Fairy group

Bull Horn

Dropped by: Minotaur Girl

Stolen from: Minotaur Girl

Scylla Tentacle

Dropped by: Sables, Ustrel, Chimera Homunculus

Stolen from: Sables, Ustrel

Cactus Thorn

Dropped by: Cactus Girl

Stolen from: Cactus Girl

Mysterious Feather

Dropped by: Ostrich Girl

Stolen from: Ostrich Girl

Charming Snake Tail

Dropped by: Cobra Girl, Nefertiti Lamias

Stolen from: Cobra Girl, Nefertiti Lamias

Sharp Fangs

Dropped by: Crocodile Girl

Stolen from: Crocodile Girl

Magic Crystal

Dropped by: Sphinx, Suck Vore, Iron Maiden, Worm Villager

Stolen from: Suck Vore, Iron Maiden, Worm Villager

Goblin Horn

Dropped by: Oni, Dodomeki

Stolen from: Oni, Dodomeki

Dragon Scale

Dropped by: Lizard Thief A & B, Lizard Boss

Stolen from: Lizard Thief A & B

Chaos Crystal

Dropped by: Astaroth, Vitae, Vetala, Valto, Shinifa

Stolen from: Vitae, Vetala, Valto

Dogmatic Cell Culture

Dropped by: Chimera Homunculus, Neo Iron Maiden

Stolen from: Chimera Homunculus, Neo Iron Maiden

Logical Gear

Dropped by: Valto, Junk Doll Girl

Stolen from: Junk Doll Girl

Insect Cocoon

Dropped by: Ant Lion Girl, Sandworm

Stolen from: Ant Lion Girl, Sandworm

Coiling Tentacle LoC Chest
Paper Doll LoC Chest
Mermaid Scale LoC Chest
Alraune Flower LoC Chest
Cat Whiskers LoC Chest
Magical Scales LoC Chest
Magical Extract LoC Chest
Satanic Snake Tail LoC Chest
Bull Hoof LoC Chest
Insect Wing LoC Chest
Oni Horn LoC Chest
Strange Leaf LoC Chest
Poisonous Needle LoC Chest
Goopy Jelly LoC Chest
Magical Gear LoC Chest
Medusa Snake LoC Chest
Necrosis Powder LoC Chest
Bewitching Tail LoC Chest
Dragon Fang LoC Chest
Pitch Black Fragment LoC Chest
Iris Cell Structure LoC Chest
Ocean Coral LoC Chest
Shining Feather LoC Chest
Large Horn LoC Chest
Spirit Acorn LoC Chest
Magic Crystallized Tears LoC Chest
Insect Shell LoC Chest
Attractive Petal LoC Chest
Puppet Gear

Dropped by: Libo-Libo

LoC Chest

Mysterious Scale LoC Chest
Mass of Chaos LoC Chest
Spirit Crystal LoC Chest
True Dragon Fang LoC Chest
Feral Beast Claw LoC Chest
Sparkling Crystal LoC Chest
Idea Cell Structure LoC Chest
Angel Feather Mt. Saint Amos, Rubiana
Fluffy Tail LoC Chest
Ominous Crystal LoC Chest
Otherworldly Hair Stolen from: Reaper


Food are items that act as both gifts and recovery items. Some items are classified as “Other” such as rocks or pine-cones, because they are obviously not edible, but they function identical to food items and some will be eaten by characters such as Alice, but mostly they just upset companions.

Name Location
Apple Happiness Village, Grandeur, Saloon
Mandarin Orange Happiness Village, Grandeur, Saloon
Grape Sabasa
Cherry Happiness Village, San Ilia,

Sabasa, Grandeur

Banana Iliasburg, Happiness Village,

Sabasa, Grandeur

Cucumber Iliasville, Grandeur, Saloon
Cabbage Iliasville, Grandeur
Bok Choy Luddite Village, Grandeur
Lettuce Iliasville, Luddite Village, Grandeur
Carrot Iliasville, Luddite Village, Grandeur
Eggplant Stolen from: Ghost, Elf
Radish Luddite Village, Grandeur
Tomato Iliasburg, Grandeur, Saloon
Green Pepper Stolen from: Page 17
Leek Happiness Village, Grandeur
Onion Iliasville, San Ilia,

Grandeur, Saloon

Garlic San Ilia
Shitake Mushroom Luddite Village, Grandeur
Potato Iliasburg, Grandeur
Corn Dropped by: Brownies

Stolen from: Devil Fighter

Pepper Iliasville, Grandeur
Fish Iliasville Mountains. Iliasburg,

Iliasport, Port Natalia

Sea Bream ?
Octopus Iliasport, Port Natalia
Squid Iliasport, Port Natalia
Crab Dropped by: Crab Girl

Stolen from: Crab Girl, Canceroid

Prawn Iliasport, Port Natalia

Stolen from: Catfish Girl

Port Marle [Part 2]

Meat Midas Village
Bird Foot Midas Village
Sausage Midas Village, Saloon
Tofu Port Natalia, Grandeur
Thin Fried Tofu Dropped by: Kitsune

Stolen from: Kamuro

Dried Bonito Iliasburg, Iliasport, Port Natalia
Seaweed Iliasburg, Iliasport, Port Natalia
Anko Port Natalia, Grandeur
Strawberry Jam Sabasa
Flour Iliasburg, Grandeur
Curry Power Port Natalia, Grandeur
Egg Iliasville
Cheese Midas Village
Milk San Ilia
Bread Iliasburg, San Ilia, Sabasa,

Grandeur, Saloon

Noah Bread LoC Chest
Croissant LoC Chest
Anpan Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 6)

Dropped by: Tiny Lamia

Curry Bun  Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 6)
Melon Bun Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 6)
Yakisoba Bread Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 4)
Chocolate Coronet Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 6)
Pretzel LoC Chest
Kanipan LoC Chest
Croquette Bun Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 6)
Yakiniku Bread Cooking
Egg Bagel


Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 4)
Salmon Bagel


Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 4)
Sandwich Cooking (Cook lvl 2)

Dropped by: Imp

Stolen from: Imp, Naccubus

Hamburger Cooking (Cook lvl 5)
Pizza Cooking (Cook lvl 7)

Stolen from: Mimic Girl

Rice Iliasburg, Grandeur
Rice Ball Cooking (Cook lvl 2)

Dropped by: Goblin Girl, Oni

Stolen from: Harpy, Fairies

Deluxe Rice Ball Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 8)

LoC Chest

Curry and Rice Cooking (Cook lvl 7)

Stolen from: Lamp Genie

Omurice Cooking (Cook lvl 10)
Fried Rice Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 10)
Crab Omelet Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 6)
Paella Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 2)
Deluxe Sushi Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 8)
Inarizushi Cooking (Kitsune Courtesan lvl 3)

Stolen from: Kitsune

Beef Bowl Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 10)
Kids Meal Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 8)

Grandeur Performance (Four Bandits)

Kitty Rice Cooking (Cook lvl 4)
Fried Egg Cooking (Cook lvl 2)
Hamburger Steak Cooking (Cook lvl 4)

Stolen from: Lamia

Steak Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 8)
Sukiyaki Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 9)
Croquette Cooking (Cook lvl 10)
Vegetable Stir Fry Cooking (Cook lvl 2)
Salad Cooking (Cook lvl 5)
Fruit Salad Cooking (Cook lvl 5)
Broiled Fish Cooking (Cook lvl 4)
Sashimi Cooking (Cook lvl 8)
Yakitori Cooking (Cook lvl 8)
Roast Chicken Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 2)
Tempura Cooking (Cook lvl 10)
Shrimp Chili Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 2)
Miso Soup Cooking (Cook lvl 4)

Dropped by: Shellfish Girl

Stolen from: Shellfish Girl

Cream Stew Cooking (Cook lvl 7)
Tomato Soup Cooking (Cook lvl 10)
Giant Stew Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 10)

LoC Chest

Gratin Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 2)
Spaghetti Cooking (Cook lvl 7)
Okonomiyaki Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 4)
Mapo Tofu Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 2)
Deep Fried Tofu Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 2)
Oden Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 10)
Nabe Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 10)
Soba Cooking (Cook lvl 8)
Kitsune Udon Cooking (Kitsune Geisha lvl 3)
Hot Dog Cooking (Cook lvl 5)
Takoyaki Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 4)
Taiyaki Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 4)
Steamed Bun Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 8)
Pizza Bun Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 8)
Meat Bun Cooking (Three Star Chef lvl 8)

LoC Chest

Dango Port Marle [Part 2]
Ama Ama Dango Iliasburg
Rainbow Dumplings LoC Chest
Rice Cake LoC Chest
Rabbit Rice Cake

Grandeur Performance (BunnyBunnyHop)

Baked Potato

Grandeur Performance (Donate if you sympathise…)

Chocolate Port Natalia, Grandeur

Dropped by: Slime Bess

White Heart Chocolate Grandeur Performance (Halloween!)
Choco Teddy LoC Chest
Cake Stolen from: Fairies D
Chocolate Cake Stolen from: Page 257
Wedding Cake Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 10)
Roll Cake Stolen from: Nefertiti Lamias
Eclair Dropped by: Gnome
Jelly Dropped by: Onahole Girl

Stolen from: Onahole Girl

Pudding Cooking

Dropped by: Chrome

Ice Cream Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 6)
Parfait Cooking (Flavor Emperor lvl 6)

Dropped by: Saki

Cola Port Natalia
Coffee Sabasa

Nameless Slums, Monte Carlo, Sabasa, Port Marle [Part 2]

Noah Wine LoC Chest
Gold Cocktail LoC Chest
Yamatai Sake Dropped by: Sheep Girl

Stolen from: Sheep Girl

Sabasa, Grandeur, Port Marle [Part 2]

Jerky Iliasville, Midas Village
Dried Squid Iliasport, Port Natalia
Cookie Iliasville, Port Natalia, Grandeur
Toffee Iliasville, Port Natalia, Grandeur
Honey Happiness Village

Dropped by: Bee Girl

Stolen from: Bee Girl, Honey Pot

Grilled Starfish Port Natalia
Grilled Sea Anemone Port Natalia
Grilled Sea Slug Port Natalia
Roast Newt Various Places
Cicada Shell Various Places
Fish Bone Various Places

Dropped by: Dog Girl, Eva

Stolen from: Dog Girl

Poison Mushroom Various Places
Skull Various Places

Dropped by: Zombie Girl B

Stolen from: Reaper

Weeds Various Places

Dropped by: Eva

Acorn Various Places

Dropped by: Dragon Pup, Jack O Lantern

Pine-cone Various Places

Stolen from: Jack O Lantern, Twin Fairies

Beetle Various Places

Dropped by: Pitcher Plant Girl

Rock Various Places
Chi Pa Pa! Various Places


Monster Milk was once obtained by using milking skills on monsters. Now it can only be found in the Chaos Labyrinth and all monsters possess a uniquely labelled milk for collectible purposes. All monsters have a uniquely labelled Monster Milk to be collected except the Armoured Berserker.