Paintgeist, or Lisa as a companion, is a monster in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Monsterpedia Entry

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  • Zombie Attack-Normal Attack, One Enemy, Zombie 50%
  • Comet-Time Magic, One Enemy
  • Stop-Debuff, One Enemy, Stop 75%
  • Poison Embrace-Physical Attack, Target: Female, Bind 50%, Poison 75%
  • Demon Eyes of Seduction-Debuff, All Enemies, Seduction 75%
  • Kiss of Desire-Pleasure Attack, One Enemy
  • Handjob Functional (M)-Pleasure Attack, Target: Luka
  • Handjob Functional (F)-Pleasure Attack, Target: Female
  • Oral Pleasure (M)-Pleasure Attack, Target: Luka
  • Oral Pleasure (F)-Pleasure Attack, Target: Female
  • Ass of Desire-Pleasure Attack, Target: Luka


She is similar to Shadow Girl in terms of battle. Her main weaknesses are Fire and Holy, so Luka is the best solution. Also her Debuffs can be pretty dangerous and Time Magic doesn’t have an element…


Translation Pending…