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Ostrich Girl, or Miu as a companion, is a monster in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox

Monsterpedia Entry

Translation pending


  • Attack-Normal Attack, One Enemy
  • Flying Knee Kick-Physical Attack, One Enemy, Bird Attribute
  • Roundhouse-Physical Attack, All Enemies
  • Flap-Magical Attack, All Enemies, Wind Attribute
  • Wing Caress-Pleasure Attack, One Enemy
  • Pecking Fellatio-Pleasure Attack, Target:Luka
  • Harpy Dance-Buff, Self, +50% AGI, +50% Evasion, +50% Magic Evasion for 4 turns
  • Push Down-Bind, Target:Luka, One Turn Break
  • Ostrich Rape (Act.)-Rape
  • Ostrich Rape (Cont.)-Rape


Ostrich Girl's evade rate can be frustrating, due to her being a member of the bird race. She will dodge basic attacks very frequently as well as a lot of skills. Guns or Makina skills work exceptionally well here, as they cannot be dodged. If you don't have guns, Holy Skills work well too, as they are often high damaging, and they can't be evaded either. Don't use. The wind is the only element she resists. Anything else is fine but focus on water or Holy attacks.


Translation Pending

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