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Nero is ready for a fight

When you finish your fight with Sylph at Forest of Spirits... bizarre creature will appear in front of you, forcing you into a fight. The only problem here is that this is one of the fights you just can't win ( maybe you can If you pass 5 New Game + ). When you lose Nero will come to help you. Only special thing is that you can actually control Nero, which gives you experience playing with strong character.


Race: Human 1/3

Angel 1/3

Monster 1/3

HP: 9247 MP: 656
SP 18


Basic Attack - Nero's using his scythe to attack opponent


Double Slash (2 SP)

Gale Thrust (1 SP)

Shockwave Blade (3 SP)

Double-Edged Cut (2 SP)

Falcon Slash (4 SP)

Wind Soul Slash (6 MP / 3 SP)

Earth Soul Slash (6 MP / 3 SP)

Water Soul Slash (6 MP / 3 SP)

Drain Soul Slash (6 MP / 3 SP)

Death Slash (10 MP / 4 SP)

Angel Dance (3 SP)

Cyclone Blade (4 SP)

Moonlight Blade (5 SP)

Cursed God Slash (2 SP)

Dead Crash (4 SP)

Cross Slash (5 SP)

Demon Slayer Dance (5 SP)

Byakko Slash (8 MP / 4 SP)

Genbu Slash (8 MP / 4 SP)

Seiryuu Slash (8 MP / 4 SP)

Suzaku Slash (8 MP / 4 SP)

Dispel Slash (8 SP)

Heavenly Strike (10 MP / 4 SP)

Ninefold Rakshasa (10 SP)

Blade of Healing (2 SP)

Blade of Miracles (4 SP)


Gale Slice (3 SP)

Death Blade (8 SP)

Reaper's Requiem (9 SP)

Time Magic

Slow (3 MP)

Quick (3 MP)

Stop ( 3 MP)

Fossil (4 MP)

Gravity (7 MP)

Comet (12 MP)

Chaos Drive (50 MP)

Warp (2 MP)

Teleport (5 MP)


Heaven's Thunder

Demon Slaying Thunder

Holy Light

Purifying Light

Eternal Heaven


Fallen Angel Dance


Ultimate Meditation


Demon Flame Dance

Demon Ice Burial

Demon Thunder Dust

Evil Black Palm

Monster Lord's Cruelty


Blinding Wind Talisman

Silent Earth Talisman

Toxic Water Talisman

Draining Light Talisman

Confounding Fire Talisman

Dreaming ice Talisman

Paralyzing Lightning Talisman

Greedy Darkness Talisman

Taoist Excorcist Talisman

Spirit Stance

Divine Stance

Bird Stance

Dragon Stance


First Aid


Power Charge

Focused Spirit

Magic Charge

Deep Breathing


In this part of game , you will probably learn how to play and fight so winning with Nero is easy. Try using Chaos Drive , Power up triple and use Ninefold Rakshasa and the fight is yours.


You can keep freezing time in place with Chaos Drive and using Prayer . Combining those 2 skills you can stop any opponent forever.

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