Nanabi is a boss who can be recruited as a companion. To recruit her, you must defeat her in battle after the white rabbit's scheme has been exposed.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Nanabi: "It's good to go out on a date every now and then. Better yet, how about the two of us go on our own journey?"

With Alice:

Alice: "Kitsune..."

Nanabi: "Please don't hate us monster lord. The entire kitsune family is devoted to you."

Alice: "Treating me like a child..."

Nanabi: "I know you are not a child... here, have some candy."

Alice: "........ ♪ "

Alice: "Do you think I can be enticed with this?"

Nanabi: So you weren't enticed?"

With Kitsu:

Kitsu: "Nanabi heelp! Kamuro is going to surpass meee!"

Nanabi: "You only have to put forth more effort than your junior. It shows a reliable back for the children that come after you."

Kitsu: "Back? Even my tiny back will be reliable in the future!"

Nanabi: "Well, your age won't make a difference... But do your best."

With Kamuro:

Kamuro: "Miss Nanabi... I cannot seem to be completely confident in myself. I do my best, so I wonder why that is?"

Nanabi: "Have you tried not working so hard? So that you are always full of fighting spirit?"

Kamuro: "I see! Don't do my best... I'll do my best!"

Nanabi: "So you are working hard regardless?"

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