She's a nice girl.


On the Alice Route, she'll end up badly wounded. Once the fight is over, Lilith recommends she join Luka for the time being so she can rest up, and for no other reason.

This Morrigan and her sisters are a fusion between the Lilith sisters from the Dark Godess's world and Luka's Paradox world. In order to come into the Paradox world, they "died" and fused their souls with this world's Lilith sisters. They didn't take over their bodies, their consciousness perfectly merged and they were able to retain the memories of both bodies. But as a consequence, they can't go back to the Dark Godess's world since their bodies over there are dead. Therefore, they are doomed to perish with this world once it collapses. They knew about that and resolved themselves to their fate. This is why Luka is so important to them since he can travel between the worlds without any consequence. He is just like an emergency exit to them.

World Interactions

She gives a bunch of plot information on your second visit to Luddite Labs with Promestein.  When you go back to Luddite Village, you will aperceive a young man visiting his father's grave. He survived because he wasn't in the village when it was attacked. Morrigan will say that sooner or later, everybody encounter the same fate anyway. 


  • She likes talking to Nuruko. They almost seem to be able to communicate. 
  • It is unknown why the Lilith sisters kill Luka when he loses to them. Since he is the only one who could save their lives once the Paradox world ends, it is illogical to actually drain him to death since this would comdamn them in the process. This is either because of a plot hole or because of their instinct as succubi. There is also the possibility of them being and forgetting about something so important in the heat of the action.
  • According to Lilith and Lilim, 'Morrigan' was a name given to violent and vulgar Succubi 500 years ago.