Monster Girl Quest - Lost Chapter is a tribute visual novel developed by the Nosaki Proyects group.  and it is being developed with the graphics engine RenPy

The project is currently being developed in Spanish but is working on a version in English . 

The game has three updates so far

the game is updated month by month . and using resources from the original series and paradox , the game account possible events that occurred after the fall of Ilias


six months after the fall of Ilias , alice and luka receive a call from michele, which says they must investigate the door eden, because strange things are happening there.

Upon arrival at the door , they find a small unconscious Ilias . Following on from there luka must discover the why of the resurrection of the goddess

Only in spanish :!phYj0TKZ!iIyr4dEpsbIMf8mrn5nhcQNH9WS7-1aJTHtPgD1kooI!V9YQmIgA!V6I5MAmlDyirOqBVtUEkZhv7j8EoPUD00uMAjdLFVao

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