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MGQ anime

Monster Girl Quest: Succubus's Fantasy is an OVA anime based on the original Monster Girl Quest. It is animated by せるふぃっしゅ('Selfish') and was released on Jan 27, 2017. It expands the story after the events of Chapter 3 while still containing numerous H-Scenes.



Episode 1 : Succubus Fantasy

Luka, a hero who saved the world continues his journey with Alice, to see the world where human and monster peacefully coexists.

One day, they got trapped in a world of 'lust seduction' by a mysterious enemy...

Episode 2 : Minagi, the great whore of Babylon


  • Episode 1's price will be discounted from 1,944 Yen to 1,620 Yen during 1/27~1/30.



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