Hello everyone, This is a planned project I am currently working on.

Now this is a full game patch of all 3 parts of Monster Girl Quest. This takes place after part 3. The story takes place like this, Luka is transported into an alternate reality of the game. Everything here is reversed of the original dimension. What I mean by this is Luka exist here, except she's called Lucy. Now Lucy is the monster girl version of Luka and she is EVIL!! So is Alice and all the monster girls, all they want to do is enslave humanity. However, the angels are on humanities side.

Ilias and others are fighting a losing battle. This is where Luka comes in, he is transported right in front of Ilias. This is as far as it goes story wise, anyone willing to help me may contact me on the wiki(Art, Programming, and Story). So tell me if your interested. Here is the first concept art of MGQ: Dimensions.

UPDATE 8/29/2014 - I have now started on the script of the game, I will release the story in chapters. Predicted Date is 09/06/2014


Alternate Ilias