Monster Girl Quest: Beyond The End is a doujinshi series created and published by Setouchi, the release currently spans over five volumes.

The books/ manga detail extended/reworked scenes of Luka's losing scenes against various monsters. For the most part, these are monsters drawn by Setouchi himself with the exceptions of main characters such as Alice who are also drawn by other artists. Each story also has a picture of the monster featured before the story itself.

The books also contain numerous extra sketches by the artist of various monsters in the games, including minor enemies that were drawn by other artists for the game.

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Volume 3:

Volume 4:

  • Alma Elma (story)
  • Scylla Maid (story)
  • Alice (story)
  • Worm Villager (story)
  • Granberia (sketch)
  • La Croix (sketch)
  • Queen Mermaid (sketch)
  • Imp (sketch)
  • Ilias (sketch)
  • Assassinroid (sketch)

Volume 5:

Volume 6:

  • Black Alice (story)
  • Doppel Luka (story)
  • Erubetie (story)
  • Tamamo (sketch)
  • Carmilla (sketch)


  • Granberia (story)
  • Sara & Sphinx (story)
  • Alice XV (sketch)

Volume 8:

  • Crab Girl (story)
  • Granberia and Alma Elma (story)
  • Monster Girl Quest high school (story+ 4 4komas)
  • Dinner sub-story
  • Ilias (sketch)

Monster Girl Quest: The Pocket Castle

volume 1

  • Promestein (story)
  • crab girl and paradox loli crab girl (sketch)
  • eva (sketch)
  • suscubs-miniboss (sketch)
  • queen harpy (sketch)
  • suscubs-miniboss (story) [need to edit]
  • Nanabi (story)

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