Story order
Kraken Ghost Girl →
Level: 17
HP: 500
Area: Port Natalia
Appears in: Chapter 1
Artist: Iwashi no Atama

Meia is a mermaid living in Port Natalia. She longs for a hero to help her receive a Pledge of Marriage from the Kraken so that Meia and her older-than-his-appearance lover, who she used charm magic on to shrink his appearance into that of a child, so that he would remain "cute", can get married.

When Luka arrives at Port Natalia, Meia tries to request his aid; however, Lazarus’s attack interrupts them.
Luka soon learns of a request posted on a board in San Ilia. He heads back to Port Natalia, the origin of the request, and runs back to Meia. She explains her intentions of marrying her older-than-appearance lover but they cannot go to the Southern Seas as her lover is too weak, and has been sending out requests for people to go on the journey for her, since the law doesn't specifically say the couple has to send it. Luka agrees to help, and she provides him a Written Pledge and a Ball of Guidance, the latter allowing him to enter the deep seas and Kraken’s domain.
After Luka completes the request, Meia gives Luka a blowjob and her entry is added into the Monsterpedia.

In Chapter 2, Luka requests her for the Guidance Orb once again. She gives it to him unconditionally as she has no further need of it.

In Chapter 3, if Luka visits Meia in the aftermath, she mistakes Alice's child body, which is a result from Promestein sealing her true form earlier, as a result of her being shrunken by Luka, having agreed with her for turning their spouse young, though Luka tries to reassure her that it isn't like that.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A young mermaid that lives in Port Natalia. Though mermaids used to tempt men into mating with them, they now live peacefully with humans in Port Natalia. With their diet being almost identical to a human's, their main reason to associate with humans is for reproduction. While most mermaids in Port Natalia have jobs and live in peace, there is some occasional trouble.

Easy-going, clumsy, and optimistic; Meia shares many of the common behaviors of her fellow mermaids. With the ability to manipulate water, Meia is fairly powerful even amongst her fellow mermaids. She uses her powerful magic to keep her spouse young. She separates chastity into mind and body. As long as her love remains for a single person, she doesn’t consider using her body a form of adultery.”


  • Meia is one of seven characters in the game to canonically have sexual interactions with Luka. The other six are Sara, Alice, Gnome, Sylph, Salamander, and Undine.
  • Meia is the only monster in the Monsterpedia to not fight Luka.

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