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After encountering the White Rabbit in Iliasburg, Luka and the party decide to track her down.

1: Talk to the man in the alley a few meter east of the entrance. Tell him you're looking for a rabbit and he'll say you need Amira to get the information you need.

2: The warrior a few meters north will tell you he last saw Amira at the fountain at the center square of town.

3: There is a little girl at the fountain and she'll tell you she saw Amira head to the blacksmith to upgrade a rod.

4: Inside the blacksmith is a guard, who'll tell you Amira realized she didn't have a rod to upgrade so she went to the Weapon Shop to buy one.

5: To the left of the entrance inside the weapon shop is another man. He says Amira didn't have enough money so she went gambling.

6: Talk to the man in the alley North East behind the weapon shop. Amira lost all her money so she went to Iliasville Temple to change her job to Gambler.

7: Back at the Iliasville Temple, the job change priest will tell you he hasn't seen Amira, maybe you go back and check Iliasburg?

8: Head back to Iliasburg and talk to any of the people in steps 1 through 6. They'll tell you someone saw Amira kidnapped by the Four Bandits.

9: Head directly west out of Iliasburg, across the river to the mountains. Keep heading west until you find a cave. Enter it.

10: The Four Bandits have claimed this cave as their base and won't tolerate any intruders. Defeat Goblin Girl, Tiny Lamia, Vampire Girl, and finally Dragon Pup.

11: After defeating all of them, Luka forces them to release Amira. Except, they didn't kidnap Amira. They explain they stole a trashcan but once they learned Amira was sleeping inside it, they dumped her out on the side of the road.

12: Alice tells Luka to rape and eat them or Ilias tells Luka to decapitate all of them but they all burst out into tears.

13: The party brings them back to Iliasburg where Sonya helps them apologize to the townspeople for causing trouble. The townspeople adopt them and the Sutherland Inn Keeper takes the party back to her own for a free nights rest.

14: Leave the Inn and Amira will be waiting outside. She has the information you need but at a cost. Either pay 1500G for the information or do the optional Nameless Slums Quest to join the Informant's Guild and get the information for free.

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