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GirlQuest Wiki Reports


MonsterGirlQuest Wiki Reports

  1. <write here>i find that the fight any of the boss that on the level of hard try to normal fight and rest beaten on hard when i combine all three chapter into the final chapter if any of know how to fix please let me know (update) the first two boss didn't recognize as a hard difficulty this also including alice and harpy queen seem easy only lost once, my first run took me awhile to beat, hmmm seem like i play the hard difficulty and check on the monsterpedia it said i beat the monster girl on hell difficulty even though i playing the hard and even fighting a boss battle and said i beat her on norma.l more update ahead
  2. (update) another problem i come across when battling with the harpy when she throw down and use harpy rape, when i go to request area its not highligted like the rest of the other move and seem when the use the harpy waist shake it doesn't so on the top middle screen
  3. in chapter two when i battle lencubus her two attack move blowjob and her tit fuck attack
  4. update it seem the damage input and output when i play hard difficulty seem different more test on my side ahead
  5. and i find some misspell like i going bandit hideout and misspell yoma with (youma) and when to happiness village o talk to the about protecting and luka strong at the end sentence and i get (stong) more update ahead (update) when i select didnt help alice and after the sence temple finish and went into the forest there was a word i didn't regonize as luke sentence awake and this word (stupro) i dont know this is a misspell or something more update ahead
  6. on the backlog text glitch on the bottom left corner of the screen


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